Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How about a patty melt?

I worked late, was tired, came home and went for one of the easiest things next to takeout. This is sort of a modified patty melt as I've never had one with feta cheese before, but that's what I had on hand. My original plan was a hamburger, but I am out of buns, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. But I do have mushrooms, bacon, onions, and wheat bread.
I was going to do a side of either corn or green beans (gotta get a veggie in) but was talking on the phone to my parents and forgot. No biggie--I couldn't eat all of this anyway.

OK, so the colors don't make for the most pleasing picture. Oh well. It was still good.


Lula said...

That looks good but nothing beats those grilled burgers with jalapenos, thick cheddar cheese, and portabellos that you and your dad made back when I was prego with squirt....yum!!!!!

Jeff in MD said...

OOoo, I LOVE patty melts. Best ones I ever had were at a little dive called the Blue Fox in Frederick, I want one... :(