Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things I Learned

I had quite a weekend!
Here are some highlights.

1-It was easier to get into bunk beds when I was 11 or 12 than it is now.

2-It's really quite hilarious to be having a conversation with a young adult (23 years old) with exceptional needs about pooing. It is somewhat refreshing about how open and earnest she could be--"Oh no. I have the runnies. Ohhhh no."

3-Roasted marshmallows are as good as they were when I was 10.

4-When I get down from a bunk bed (record 8 times in a 15 minute span last night), it's kind of scary. And I almost hurt myself.
I went to a camp up near Guthrie, OK called Making Promises Happen. I've been there briefly before, but this was my first time to be a counselor there. It was the young adult weekend--those from 17-25 or so with disabilities. I was paired with a 23 year old girl with cerebral palsy. She was a hoot! She kept me laughing most of the weekend. She had such a happy disposition most of the time. We had tough time after she almost fell going from the toilet to her wheelchair. She got really worked up and I had to put on my 'mean face' and tell her to get a grip and get back into her chair already! This was over a 15 minute span, and we were missing the dance! Once we got to the dance, she kept telling me, "Jennifer. I'm a little bit upset." She never said it was at me, but I still kept my distance for a while. Later she danced with me so it was all good!
I got yelled at pretty good (and hit some too) by a girl with some behavioral issues. I heard she was wishing death on me last night because I told her it was time to go to bed. Those are the people that I just want to crack--I want to figure her out so I don't spend 5 minutes or so trying to reason with someone you just can't reason with! I think she was OK with me today when I left because I let her have my chair at the talent show, and I smiled and said bye to her.
Oh, the talent show! It was something else. The kids loved it, and it was fun to see them all get up and strut their stuff. No shame in this bunch!