Sunday, January 15, 2006


OK, so I finally took time to mess around w/ my blog. I was sick of the look of it. I like this much better, but am having some problems.

1. I figured this one out. My links and archives are way DOWN at the very bottom. They weren't initially and while I was messing with fonts, they got put there.

2. I figured this one out as well, though I had to unlink the commenters name to do so. Under the "What Others Are Saying" heading, there should be a ":". I took it out because it wasn't next to the person's name. It was tabbed over to the end of the row. How can I get it to be place immediately after the name of the person who commented? That's how it was on my OLD template.

3. I also want to add a picture to my header. I've checked the source codes of other blogs and haven't quite figured this out yet. I guess I need to decide on a picture as well. That would help.

There's a few other things I want to change, but it's things I can figure out once I get the above straightened out.



linda said...

Sorry I can't help Jen, but try checking out Food Blog S'cool. Very HElpful formatting info in the archives there and If you can't find what you are looking very, you can posta query.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Linda. I forgot about that sight.
I did manage to fix one of the problems, though I've noticed a few more.
I'll keep at it and do some research.

Alicat said...

you might ask mona from mona's apple about how she put in her image in the header-- i know she did that in the last week or two, so it is probably fresh in her head still. ;)