Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spiced Beef Corn Bread Cobbler

This came together very quickly. Moist and flavorful, the spiced beef had tremendous depth of flavor with allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne. The diced tomatoes gave the mixture moisture and additional flavor. The meat mixture is topped with a cheesy cornbread mixture, which is then topped with a small amount of more cheese. I used medium cheddar; I would advice using sharp because I think that flavor would really meld well with the other flavors. I added a can of black beans, which I will do in the future. I think I would add an additional can of diced tomatoes, for more moisture and flavor. All in all, this was a delicious and easy recipe to make, and perfect for a cold winter night.


Lula said...

This one looks good as well. Does it taste 'cinnamony?' Not sure if that is even a word. I am a little leery due to the cinnamon in the recipe. Let me know. It looks yummy!

Lula said...

P.S. My new email is I changed the password to my old account name and then promptly forgot it!!!! Getting old I tell ya!

Jennifer said...

Lula--if you're leery about the cinnamon, I'd cut it in half for starters.
However, it's not overpowering. The spices all blend together and really go w/ the tomoatoes. Just don't tell your boys there is cinnamon in it. :)