Monday, January 08, 2007

More Reviews

Tonight, I made the Sweet Corn Muffins. These came together in no time and are really good! I ate one warm out of the oven. It had just the right amount of sweetness. They are moist and taste richer than they are. I really like the slight crunch of the raw sugar on top (Yes, I have a major sweettooth). I'm saving one for breakfast, and then freezing the rest. I'll make these again.

Last night, I made the Pork Schnitzel with Browned Cabbage. Um....not so good. The pork was fine, but nothing out of the ordinary--just a basic breaded lean pork chop. I didn't like the browned cabbage/noodle mixture. It just didn't wow me. I ate some and threw the rest out. I like cabbage, but maybe I don't like cooked cabbage where it's the main part? It was just really bland to me. As for the pork, I used whole wheat panko instread of breadcrumbs, and used much extra pepper--thank goodness!

So, I've now made 5 recipes from the Jan/Feb CL. I'll repeat 2 of them. I've also got some things put away in the freezer.

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