Sunday, January 07, 2007


I wish people I know would quit dying already! By the time this week ends, I'll have attended 3 funerals over a week (provided work doesn't give me any crap). There is some solace to be found in that 2 of the funerals are for people who have lived long, full lives. Still, it's painful to see those most affected by their loss grieve, for they still must learn to go on without their loved ones. The third is for a young person, a new father, a husband, a son. Kids are supposed to outlive their parents (and grandparents) but I've seen all too often where it doesn't happen that way. I don't understand 'Why?" but don't think that would make things any easier even if I did.

For the record, the one I've already attended was for the mother of close family friends. In fact, she's the mother of the person who introduced my parents over 40 years ago. So, not family, but I owe her! We did sit with the family. She had told her sons earlier in the week that she was ready to go meet Jesus. She also told my dad she would look after 'those boys', meaning her own great grand-son who died in April '06 from ER induced complications from an asthma attack as well as my nephew Dakota. Her great grand-son Tyler was only a day or 2 older than Dakota was when Dakota passed.

My great uncle lived to be 90 years old. That's a long life, and a life well lived. He was widowed 7 years ago this month. At his 90th birthday, they made him a boob cake. I think he enjoyed it! He passed away sometime between yesterday evening and this morning, presumably peacefully in his sleep. That's the way I'd prefer to go when the time comes!

The other is for a young man who was killed in a plane crash as his plane was surveying an oil pipeline. He was married to a distant cousin of mine. I can't say that I know them, though I did see them a few months ago and see their new baby. I know his family, as they are well known and respected in the community where I grew up. His wife, now widow's family is from a branch of my dad's family tree. So sad....too young.

They say these things happen in 3s, so I hope that's it for a while.


Robyn said...

I hadn't seen this when I replied to your email. I'm sorry that people close to you have passed, no matter how much you expected it, it doesn't make it easy.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Robyn! I know dying is part of the life cycle, but I'm getting weary of people I know dying!