Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Enough already!

Last Friday, we had freezing rain/ice pellets that lasted off and on through Sunday. Monday we were out of school for MLK day. It's now Wednesday night and we haven't been back to school. The soonest we'll go back is Friday, but then we could get 5-10 inches of snow this weekend and be out of school on Monday.
This is crazy-I don't remember having this many snow days in a row when I was a kid, and we lived out in the country. I recall a huge snowstorm when I was in kindergarten. I think they let us out early (being a stand alone school district--K-12, they could do that). Anyhow, my school bus got stuck in a big drift about a mile from our house (near where I would run the Scout into a ditch about 12 years later). This was before the time of cell phones! So, an area farmer (Mr. Standridge) brought his big John Deere to the bus and the remaining 3 or 4 students got to ride a tractor the rest of the way home. I would imagine today that there would be way too many liability concerns for us to have even looked at that tractor. Besides, with every kid having a cell phone (so it seems), we would have just called our parents and had them come get us.


Tendersoul said...

Amen. I remember being out of school one year when our elementary burned down, we had flood and later we had winter weather. They made us go to school several Saturdays, well into June and we lost our spring break (I went to Elgin, another little country school back then).

I don't know what we'll do if we get another round of this. It's getting old!

Jennifer said...

Another snow day for us tomorrow. Crazy!

So, I think I'm going with my parent to either go have a Meer's burger or fried catfish at Doug's Peach Orchard (Just N. of the Red River on 81)

Tendersoul said...

Did you get a Meer's burger? My parents live out that way. I've had my share of Meer's burgers. They are best during a nice Harley ride out that way. However, I am now partial to Riverside Cafe in Medicine Park, especially during the warm weather and you can eat out on their deck.

School is out here again today, too. The kids are wondering how they will have to make it up. They hate losing days in the summer, because they go visit their mom. They dread losing spring break. But the news here is longer days the rest of the year is possible option. Guess we'll wait and see!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I got my Meer's burger today! The big one...minus the cheese as I wanted to go lightly. :) We also shared some peach and cherry cobbler w/ their homemade ice cream. My only complaint was that it was about 60 degrees inside the restaurant. Chairs were cold. Toilet seat was colder.

I know of the Riverside Cafe. We were heading there on bikes in late 2002 when we saw Meer's was packed and then my parents hit rocks and slid and . . . mom was care flighted to Lawton hospital, she and dad both got 14 staples in their head, and I was traumatized such that I haven't ridden again! It happened about 1/2 mile past Meer's heading down and around the first curve.