Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Season of Giving?

Today was the annual Santa Toy Run in my hometown. They got quite a few toys today and about $5,000 donated to go towards Santa's Workshop, a local charity. They start around 10:30, ride across town, and then set up in a parking lot where people can stop and donate. There was a pile of toys on the grassy median between the parking lot and the main street (for those of you familiar with this town--old Lightner's parking lot). So, shortly before I arrived, a red car was stopped in traffic. THey saw a back door open and thought someone was donating a present. A lady got out, grabbed a toy (a basketball) from the pile, and hopped back in and took off. Long story short, someone got a tag number, a police car was in the parking lot, they stopped the perp., someone made a correct ID, and the lady was arreested and will spend the weekend in jail. Over a $10 basketball that she probably took on a dare. Oh wait, it gets better. They found a baggie of cocaine in the car, so all 3 adult passengers were arrested. There was also a minor (what an example they were setting for this young man). Had this person needed help getting gifts for her family, these were the people she could have asked. What an expensive basketball this is turning out to be! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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