Monday, December 18, 2006

Name Brands

I'm not one of those people impressed by name brands (Gucci, smucchi, LV, Coach, etc.). It's just a name...I especially hate the ones that have the name or initials plastered all over the prodcut (LV purses for instance). Now, I do like a good pair of Cole-Haan or Dansko shoes because they make my feet happy! But ultimately, it's not about the name brand.

The exception is food items. Yes, there is a time where brand does matter! As I was making dinner tonight (Pork Won-Ton soup over brown rice), it started thinking of the items that I really prefer a certain brand vs. whatever is cheapest. I use Better than Boullion for those times I need broth and don't have any in the freezer. It tastes better, has less sodium, and just takes up a small spot in my 'frig. I use chicken, vegetable, and beef. Another favorite brand that won't come as a surprise to 'foodies' is Penzey's spices. Yes, I have to mail oerder them but they are worth it! Actually, they are much cheaper than the stale stuff you can get in the grocery store. Some of my Penzey favorites are: Hot Chili Powder, sage, white pepper, all types of cinnamon, and their rosemary. I do have a cabinet stocked full, but those are some of the better ones.

Those are just a few of my 'name brand' favorites. I'll check back later to list some more! Right now I'm off to make a batch of regular fudge and then some peppermint fudge.


Robyn said...

MMMM Penzey's! Maybe that's why you should come visit me in Colorado again, we have a Penzey's now! Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then.

PatL said...

Hi, Jennifer, thanks for stopping by and leaving some encouragement. Much needed and much appreciated.

Re: brands: I heard on NPR about a blind taste test the Boston Globe food editors did of canned or aseptic packed chicken broth. I don't know if they mentioned Better Than Bouillon (haven't heard of it myself and will check it out) but I did take notice when they said College Inn canned chicken broth was heads & shoulders above the rest. I've been using it ever since. FWIW!

Our local food coop sells spices in bulk and goes through a LOT of them ... for instance, last year I bought a pound of leaf oregano for a large event, and the guy told me he goes through about 10 of those 1-lb bags per week ... so I've always trusted their freshness but I'm getting more & more curious about Penzey's since absolutely everyone mentions them. Maybe someday ...

Alysha said...

Hi Jennifer. I love Penzeys too. It is cheaper and it's nice that you can order bags instead of getting bottles each time.

What really sold me was the cinnamon. I compared it side-by-side with McCormicks and was blown away. DH was skeptical until I did a blind test with him - he could not believe how much better the Penzeys smelled.

The only problem is when you run out and need something ASAP. I hate that! Otherwise, the shipping isn't expensive and even with the cheapest, it arrives pretty quickly.