Friday, December 15, 2006


Click here to read a letter a principal in Illinois had to send home to parents.
Pure disgust.

Per my post earlier this week about kids these we had a fistfight involving 3-4 5th graders. I don't know details...but heard it wasn't pretty. Even worse, a pre-kindergartener, a kindergartener (I think), and a couple of other kids were caught in the bathroom BEATING UP a non-verbal student with Down Syndrome, a sweet and unassuming 2nd-grader. I am appalled, thoroughly appalled and heartbroken.
I don't think the boy was actually physically hurt--a teacher came upon them fairly quickly, but I'm sure he is traumatized! Paddlings for those perps? Absolutely! I think if I was a parent and my child was one of the instigators, he'd be getting a paddling and then some. Seriously.


Robyn said...

All I can say to that letter is OMG!

Sarah said...

Sigh. When I was in English class as a senior 30 years ago we had to read Lord of the Flies.
I am ashamed to say I think some of my classmates decided to use it as a training manual for parenting.