Monday, December 04, 2006

A recap...something to be thankful for!

Reference my post from 8/10/2006: It Does the Heart Good for the whole story.

I received word from his mom that this former student of mine sat down and ate Thanksgiving dinner with his family for the first time ever. He was able to feed himself his food while everyone took in their traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I have to admit, I got teary eyed when I read this. I still remember his mother expressing to me something to the effect that it was a dream of hers for him to sit at the table and eat dinner w/ his family.
It makes my heart dancing happy to hear of this precious student's continued progress. It definitely makes all those days I went home with baby food (sometimes mixed with dried oats) caked on my clothes. :)

I was supposed to head to Dallas this weekend and was going to visit him. However, the weather put a dent in my plans (see pics below). I'll head down there in January and a visit with him and his family will definitely be on my itinerary.

I admit, sometimes this path I've chosen has been difficult, most notably financially. of course, I can afford a car and home so in that I'm fortunate. However, I've had to scale back my way of living a couple times now. It's hard. I'd love a real vacation--I need it! Right now, it's not in the books. However, any times I miss the 'things' I used to have, I am quickly humbled by the notes I get like the one I mentioned above from my former student's mother. The knowledge of what he's now accomplishing is worth more to me than any vacation or expensive pair of shoes. :) I am fortunate.

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