Friday, December 01, 2006

My Commercial Debut circa 2001

Anyone from around/in Oklahoma is familiar with the BC Clark jingle. BC Clark is a jewelry store in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. Their jingle has been around for my lifetime plus about 20 years.

Several years ago, I was at the mall the day after Thanksgiving w/ one of my best friends, Carrie. For the record, I hate shopping on that day, but we decided to brave it. They just happened to be filming the commercial that day, so we sang it though we were cracking up through most of it (singing so isn't my thing, but after teaching a few years, I've gotten over the embarrassing part of it and don't really care how bad I sound). I never saw the commercial as I was still living in Dallas. Carrie never saw it either. However, my parents got quite a few calls that holiday season (and the next) of people asking if I did the commercial. It was quite humorous. Here I thought no one would notice.

I just saw this year's commercial and noticed the URL. Sure enough, my commercial is archived!
Here it is:
BC Clark Commercial

We are the 2nd to the last group and have a very short line "From BC Clark's". I'm surprised they haven't called me back asking me to come back for a bigger line. :)

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Robyn1007 said...

That's cute!