Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kids these days

"I'd be rid of 80% of my discpline problems if we we able to paddle them."
The above is a quote from a school administrator I know. It was seconded by another administrator. I know there are plenty who are against paddling, spanking, etc. because how can you teach w/ violence? However, as I see more and more kids (not my own students...they're really too young and have so many other issues) who have no respect for authority, who constantly torment their teachers and other kids...I can't help but wonder what a good old-fashioned paddling might do to stop that behavior in its tracks. After all, suspension doesn't do anything but reward the kid with a day home. In school suspension doesn't work either--what fun it is to not have to listen to the teacher all day!

I sat around and listened to my 60 year old dad and the above mentioned administrator talk about the good old days--when they were in school. They got into their share of mischief, but got the paddlings for it when they got caught. They have some dandy stories to share, like the one that resulted in my dad running outside and bawling because he got whipped so hard. But you know what? Neither of these men were scarred by this. They both have led productive lives; both served in the military (one for 20+ years). They admit that those licks were enough to send a message. They can sit back and laugh about it now, and admit that they deserved every last one of them!

What kind of messages are today's kids getting? I still see a lot of good kids out there, but there are some who you can just imagine wearing stripes in their future because they are continually allowed to be slapped on the wrist and then sent out to wreak more havoc...over and over and over...


Robyn1007 said...

Were you at my first day of coaching on Saturday? I had a kid take off down the hill at the end of the day when nobody was looking. Great, I've got a 6 year old heading down by himself towards his parents with no adult supervision in a sport that is very dangerous. When we caught him I definitely wanted to paddle some sense into him!

Jennifer said...

Robyn--I think in some situations for some kids, that is what it would take to get their attention!
I'm glad a scary situation didn't end up bad for you!

TravelingEm said...

I teach in a school where we have major disrespect, behavior issues. And there is no currently, no system at our school that is helping to control it. This year already several teachers have been threatened and those students are back roaming the halls (not in class of course) the next day.

I still believe that violence begets violence, and no one shoul be hitting anyone. But there are definitely days when I feel like there are some students who could use some sort of extreme punishment.

Emily (from CLBB :))

Jennifer said...

Hi Emily--

Wow, it sounds like you're in a tough teaching environment!
I forgot to mention that I received my share of paddlings (8th-10th grade). I wasn't scarred by them. If anything, I found them more humiliating. My parents didn't mind--I usually deserved it. :)
I don't think paddling should be an all the time solution, but I can think of some kids where I think it'd make a difference as far as their behavior. And I'm talking about kindergarten and 1st graders! If they're as bad as they are now, I can't imgaine what they'll be like later. I really think a strong arm/stiff paddle would change their behavior for the better. Granted, I don't think I'd ever want to be the one to give a paddling.
I hope things get better at your school!