Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ever wonder?

What happens when you roast beef jerky over an open fire? It gets even tougher. But, if you dip it in beer periodically as you roast, it's not bad. Of course, if you've been drinking a bit as you do this, it's much better. :)

Also, what happens when you put whole pumpkins on a fire? Nothing really. They don't explode. You don't get instant roasted pumpkin seeds. But you will get cold once the fire burns out.

Just in case anyone was wondering. Ya know.
Oh, the girls were in town a couple weeks ago. We had fun. They are in Cancun now, along w/ a friend of mine from Dallas. No fair. Think about it--they are in Cancun and I'm learning what happens when you put a giant pumpkin on a fire or you roast beef jerky. Which would you rather do?

We froze our tails off at the OU/Colorado game. It was the first in 3 OU/CU games I've attended where OU won! At least I'm not the bad luck charm. :)
Getting ready for a night on the town. OK, so we went to one of my old haunts (In Cahoots, though now it is Club Rodeo) to do some country dancing. It sucked. Not the company, but the club. It's changed for the worse, or maybe I'm just getting old?

We at least had some kickin' boots to wear out. I think we had to have the best looking boots in the place. Mine is on the right. The big one. They were my early Christmas present to myself.


Jeff in MD said...

Well, now I know about roasting beef jerky! Haha. Our realtor sent us a picture of their pumpkin-in-the-fire thing. The only difference was they stuck a plastic bottle full of gasoline inside before throwing it on the fire. You seem to have forgotten that step... =:o

Jeff in MD said...

Oh, and those are some kick-a$$ boots!!!!

Anonymous said...

love our boots!!!


Robyn1007 said...

I'm a bit afraid to ask why one would feel the need to roast beef jerky? I totally get the pumpkin experiment but not the jerky! :)

Jennifer said...

Robyn, I would say it was a drunken thing, but at least I was sober! I think it was a bored hungry thing and that's among the only food he had in the house. We also had roasted cheese cubes. Forgot to mention them. :)