Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Stop: Cafe Madrid

It was Anna's idea to eat appetizers at various places so we could eat more. With that in mind, I remembered my trip years ago to Cafe Madrid for tapas. I liked it, but never made it back. We arranged to meet my HS friend Tish there for lunch, and I'm oh so glad we did!

We each picked out 2 small plates and then we all shared. Everything was EXCELLENT. I so want to go back here!
We had white asparagus in a vinaigrette. How can you go wrong with asparagus?

And grilled marinated chicken. Yum.

And then the Andalucian Meatballs in Almond Sauce. I expected the sauce to be more flavorful. It was good, but pretty mild flavored. The meatballs were a blend of possibly pork and beef and maybe veal? We weren't sure, but we all enjoyed them.

This was easily my favorite. I forgot to take a picture before I got mine (a little over eager maybe?) Fried goat cheese with honey and caramelized onions. OH MY GOODNESS. Amazing. Really. I'm trying to figure out the "shell" on the goat cheese. I'm wondering if they weren't dredged in flour and then egg white and then flour again and lightly fried? It was a thin crispy coating, not heavy at all. Someone mention phyllo dough, but it was too perfect for that...I think it had to be dipped in something. At any rate, this is something I will recreate.
We each ate one, and then at the end when there was one serving of everything left, Tish said she thought the last piece needed to be split in half. I eagerly said I'd take the other half. Because we hogged the cheese, we let Anna have the last serving of chorizo in wine and garlic sauce, which was also very very good and probably my 2nd favorite item. We also had some papas fritas with a flavorful grated cheese on top. This was the perfect meal for a time we wanted sustenance, but didn't want to be miserable.

Now off to figure out how to do that amazing goat cheese. . .

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~avie~ said...

That meal was incredible! We have to go there again next time! ^^