Thursday, April 02, 2009

Our next stops

After our fantastic lunch at Café Madrid, we headed to Half-Price Books to browse a little before making another food stop. In Dallas, there is a HUGE one on NW Highway. It was super busy, and super overwhelming, but we managed to each get some good finds—Anna a bit more than I.

Love this display in the cooking area!

Cookbooks galore! My favorite (that I did NOT buy) was on marijuana cooking, complete with pictures. I had no idea the things you could do . . .

We then headed to Hong Kong Market, near Walnut and Audelia. Next to Hong Kong Market was a super busy (Americanized in the mass production concept) café that sold bubble tea. It wasn’t quite what we were expecting. I’ve had bubble tea before and this was more like a smoothie. At any rate, I like it for the tapioca “bubbles” that float in the tea.

We also noticed an interesting store that said "Herbs" so decided to check it out. We walked in...and it was dark, a bit musty, and appeared to be more of an Asian vitamin store. We spent about 60 seconds walking up and down the 2 aisles and then left. Can you say awkward?

The Market itself was super busy. Unlike the café, we weren’t the only light skinned folks there. I picked up some good finds—what I’m most excited about using are some green tea noodles. I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I look forward to trying. I have almost 2 lbs. so there are plenty of noodles with which to experiment! I also picked up some essentials—tempura dipping sauce, green onions (.25 a bundle), udon noodles, and tapioca balls for my own bubble tea.


~avie~ said...

your green tea soba is supposed to be eaten cold. cook till done, then rinse under cold water. serve with dipping sauce and top w shredded nori and green onion! ^^

That day was so much fun!!! I cant believe you MADE me buy all that crap at Half Priced Books... -__-

Jennifer said...

Hmmm. Cold noodles. Hmmmm. OK, I like cold peanutty noodles, so I think I can do this.

Jennifer said...

And yeah, sorry about how tightly I twisted your arm when you purchased all of those books! HA!