Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Pictures

I wish I could take a good picture and drive at the same time, but I can't. Instead, I get pics like this. This was a low traffic area and taken out of my sun roof. It's the west side of the state capital building. Pretty colors in the sky anyway!

The east side of the capital building, another day, while going around a curve. It almost looks haunted, like it's glowing!

The view from my chair on the 4th floor. Yes, the window is dirty but still a pretty sunrise.

I'm glad the Red Bud is the official state tree. I'm also glad I have a small one in the back yard. I'm not so glad that my other Red Bud died.


~avie~ said...

All of my pictures I take while driving are warped too... ugh.

I like your "random pictures"... it sounds a lot like "Random Picture Weekend".... hmmm copyright infringement? ;)

Jennifer said...

Well, not quite because I am too random to do it just on weekends.
Random picture days can occur on any random day. Ha, does that make sense? ;)