Monday, March 30, 2009

Tokyo Sushi

This weekend was a fantastic, food filled weekend. It started with dinner at Tokyo Sushi at 75th and N. Western in OKC. My fellow food-crazy friend Anna and my friend Christie and I all met up at a Tokyo Sushi at 75th and N. Western in Oklahoma City for what was the beginning of a food-centric 30 hours for Anna and I.

I'm fairly new to traditional Japanese food. I've had and enjoy the Hibachi style that you find in US cities, but how can you go wrong with steak, rice, and veggies cooked in front of you?
I'm wanting to try sushi more, because I think I *might* like it if I know what to order. I'm not quite ready for completely raw, but my friends say it's good, and so I'm willing to work my way *up* to that! :)
Tokyo Sushi was good. The service was pleasant. There were many Asian people there, which I think is a good thing! I got one of their Tokyo Box meals so I could sample quite a few different things. From the top left and moving clockwise, you see shrimp and eggplant tempura, pickled ginger and wasabi, teriyaki salmon, seaweed salad with pickled daikon, sweet egg omelet, seafood dumplings, and California rolls. I just realized that I *forgot* to try the seaweed salad, but everything else was excellent! The tempura was light and crispy, without feeling heavy. The salmon was moist and flaky, and the teriyaki wasn't overpowering. I didn't think I'd like the omelet, but was surprised that I did and I even plan on making some at home! It was like a light custard of sorts-mildly sweet with a soft texture and not rubbery at all (which is how I think of eggs for some reason. Ha!)

Oh my, the dessert. This was a tempura fried ice cream. Vanilla ice cream was surrounded by pound cake, battered, and fried. We shared and happily devoured ALL of it.

Fried peaches, something that reminds me of Harry Bear's in Moore. These are something everyone should try. You won't be disappointed! They were served with a cinnamon dipping sauce.
Another picture of the tempura ice cream. Can you tell we liked it?

Next up: Our Dallas road trip, one stop at a time. Stay tuned!

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~avie~ said...

RAW FISHY FTW!!!!! Your pics turned out better than mine! ^^