Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Korean House

The Korean House is off of SE 29th in between Sunnylane and Sooner in Midwest City. Look at all of this good food! I love the condiments--you get so many!
We had Japchae--noodles and beef with some vegetables, tonkatsu--breaded pork cutlets fried (but they weren't greasy at all) served with shredded cabbage and a yummy dipping sauce, and bulgogi, that is the plate of meat! It is very flavorful and tender. The condiments are all you can eat. We had kimchi, some pickles, these little crepe like pancakes, daikon radish with carrots, potatoes, bean sprouts with rice vinegar, and some seaweed like dish. It was all GREAT! I can't wait to go back. Thanks to Avie for introducing me to this wonderful place!

Next up: Costa Azul in Tulsa


Avie said...

I want to go back NOWWWW!!!!

Jennifer said...

Me too! Christie took her brother there last night and he liked it!
She called me, but I was already in my PJs and had food in the oven, otherwise I would have been there!