Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Always an adventure

Today was a field trip day. My class joined with another to go up to a camp for special needs youth and adults for a field day. I was sad that 2 of my kids were sick and missed it, along with one student from the other class. We still managed to have a fun day. I really think this was the first time some of these students had ever been out "in the country"! They thoroughly enjoyed it.
We played games, had a picnic lunch, took a hike through the woods, and then went paddle boating.
Some quips and quotes from the day:
I drove one of the vans, and our speech pathologist rode with me. As we got onto the interstate, she said, "I'm sure glad I'm not driving. I'd be a nervous wreck." From right behind us, K quips "I'm sure glad you're not driving either!"

M was singing from the back of the van, "We're going to the country, the country, the country, we're going to the country...."

M said to B on as we passed a farm pond, "Hey. When we grow up, let's go fishing there."

"That was the most fun I've ever had!"

"Let's hunt for bears in these woods."

I think this was the first time on a boat for many of our kids--priceless memories!

Two of the students from the other class decided I was their buddy today. They walked with me, held on to me, and oh yeah--one of them tried to kiss me right before he got onto his bus. He got within inches (he had come from behind me), and pulled back, and he turned and ran to his bus.
Middle schoolers. Hormonal middle schoolers. Hormonal middle schoolers with intellectual disabilities. Never a dull moment!

Finally, I end this with a picture. No, not of our group. I took this from the back of a paddle boat, sitting in between 2 kids who were starting to try to stand up as we were about to dock.
I just thought it was cool looking.

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beautiful photo!!