Saturday, September 27, 2008

They Melt My Heart


My students, my kids. They are precious. The things the say, the things they do, the way they help each other out and are proud of doing the right thing. Sure, they have their quirks (who doesn't?). Some of them throw tantrums--actually it's just the girls. Hormones maybe? I love these kids with all of my heart-and will miss them so when I move on to the new job, likely in January.

I've been sick this past week, missing 1 1/2 days of school. One of my TAs was out sick Friday. I haven't felt great at week, and Friday decided to have a low key day with math games, manipulatives, sight word bingo, books online, etc. so as to maintain a distance from them (due to this massive sinus infection), and let them have a bit of a relaxed day. I am off last hour, and 2 of my kids were in another resource teacher's room, visiting with their elementary teacher. I was leaving early to go to the Dr. and stopped in to see how the visit was going. When I said good-bye, K looks at me, asks very seriously "Where are you going? Why?" and when I told her, she said in her most grown-up serious voice, "Sweetheart, goodbye. I really hope you get to feeling better."
I almost lost it. Precious.

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