Thursday, September 11, 2008


OK, a political thread.
I've followed this year's election coverage more than I have in the past. I watched some of both national conventions. I was shocked at the McCain's VP choice and find it somewhat insulting that he seemed to pick her because...she has a uterus. It just appears that he picked her to try and get the female voters who wanted Clinton and are disappointed in Obama, never mind that their stance on many issues are miles and miles apart. The polls have made a swing towards McCain since her appointment (a rather large one), and it just makes me wonder--are those numbers different because Palin is in fact a she, or are people really paying attention to what the candidates stand for and making their choice based on that?

Another issue--I'm already sick of all the negativity surrounding both campaigns. I'm tired of hearing one party's candidates bash the others. And you mean we have 2 more months of this? I may just unplug my TV and be done with it. I really have no care or concern to listen to the negativity. Tell me what your stance is, what you stand for. Address the concerns that many Americans have--the war, the economy, the energy problem. Let us make our decision on who to vote for based on facts, not a bunch of harsh words thrown each way. Please?

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