Thursday, October 02, 2008


I love soup. It calls to me. I don't know if it's because to me, it's the quintessential comfort food, or the ease of throwing everything into a pot and having a meal. :) Though I do make soup during the summer on occasion, I make it A LOT during the fall and winter. The crisp morning air starts my day off with me craving soup!
I came across the "Your Daily Soup" area of the Cooking Light website. They will have a new soup recipe every day of October. Today's soup was a simple Cheddar Soup.
You start with celery and carrots plus a surprise ingredient--a green apply (I used Granny Smith). Cook until tender, add broth and a diced baking potato and simmer until potato is tender. Puree-which is why I have an immersion blender, and then stir in 2 cups of shredded cheddar and a t. of Worcestershire. Simple, good, and perfect for a cool fall evening.
I did goof, of course. I was hungry and not patient. I should have let it cook a bit longer (though did cook longer than the 15 minutes suggested in the recipe) so the potatoes would be more tender. As it is, this soup tastes good but doesn't have a pleasant mouth feel. Cook's error, but it's not so bad that I won't finish the pot off over the weekend. Next time, I'll just make sure I cook it a little longer.


Anne said...

Sounds good, and kind of like fondue all combined into one pot! Yummm.

Jennifer said...

It's definitely a repeater--I ate the last of it with a tart granny smith. It was a perfect pairing, much like the fondue you mention.