Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Magic of a Penny

This is book fair week. Our wonderful librarian has ties to a certain Book Fairy, who bestows $6 book passes to unsuspecting students school wide. Of course, teachers were able to give the librarian suggestions as to who might need the pick-me-up of a free book or two!

I have a student who has been complaining about never getting to get books and oh, how much he wants one. I sent notes home, but he didn't bring any money. So, I enlisted the Book Fairy. I was a little bit late as she hadn't visited him before our book fair visit yesterday. He found books he liked, but was so sad. Our librarian gave him a "lucky penny" and said just maybe, he'd receive the luck of the Book Fairy. Little did she know what she made the rest of my day like.

We discussed how long it takes luck to happen--1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. He asked me if luck meant his mom giving him money for the book fair. He decided to wear his good luck penny in his shoe. We were walking down the hall to the computer lab, having one of our many discussions about luck. He stopped suddenly and said, "Now wait a minute. Oh no. I don't really believe in magic!" I explained that luck and magic are not the same thing. Eventually, he quit talking about luck.

This morning during announcements, guess whose name was called? He was in his homeroom, so I didn't get to witness it, but I heard that he was beside himself with excitement. He then took his shoe off and showed everyone his lucky penny. He got his book this afternoon and was just happy as could be.

The Magic of Good Luck Penny. Would he have been as excited if he hadn't connected the thought of getting Book Fairied with luck? Was it the luck that was magical, or just the free book? I wonder.

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