Sunday, April 30, 2006


Fortunately, all I received Friday night was some heavy rain and winds, but nothing bad. A town about 55 miles north of here, on the OK/Texas border received a lot of wind damage--they had airplanes moved at the airport even! I drove through there on my way to OK and saw a lot of debris strewn everywhere.
This time of the year in this part of the country can be crazy--but right now it's beautiful, sunny, and 80-something degrees.

I didn't find a house this weekend. I'm still mourning the one that got away. It was a quick trip an I'm tired now, but I must go start packing. If my posts are infrequent in the next weeks, it's because life is too hectic and the computer is packed away. : )

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Robyn1007 said...

Jennifer, I'm really glad to hear you escaped any damage, I thought of you as I saw the reports on the news.