Saturday, April 01, 2006

Don't waste today

I attended a funeral today. It was a very moving and touching celebration of the life of Mary Alice (48), my dad's cousin's wife. I only met her one time, at my great aunt's house, not long after she wed dad's cousin and became family. I was still fairly new to the metroplex, and she gave me their number and said to call them and to come over anytime (they lived about an hour from me). Well, I never called. Not because I didn't want to. I liked them, and though they are older than I by about 15 years, they seemed like fun people. I should add that I don't really know dad's cousin, but have gotten to know his mom (my grandma's little sister) in recent years. I didn't call because I was too busy, too tired, thought it was too far to drive because I hate Dallas area traffic. I didn't call because I didn't make it important enough.

So, as I sat there today and heard her nephew, her stepchildren, some of their friends, her brothers, a niece, a sister-in-law, and others talk about her life and what she meant to them, I was sorry. I was sorry that I was too busy to take the time to get to know this good hearted, strong, fun, kind person. I was sorry that I will no longer have that chance. I was sorry to see those who loved her so much hurt.

I told my great aunt that I intended to see her more in these next months before I move. She lives 15 minutes from where I teach (but it's the opposite direction of my home from school). I've not taken the time in the last few years to see her as much. I'm not going to be too busy anymore. She's important; she's a strong tie to my late grandmother and my dad's youth--she does have some gems to share! I need to take the time to get to know her family better, because they are my family too. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Make time today for those who are important to you. Tomorrow may be too late.

Rest in peace, Mary Alice. May your family and friends continue the legacy of love you left behind.


Ivonne said...

That was a very touching post!

robyn1007 said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for the reminder. I was fortunate enough to be at my great grandmother's 90th birthday last fall and it reminded me of how much I miss my grandparents.

Lula said...

This one hit home. I am feeling a little homesick lately since I have moved so far away.

Jennifer said...

Lula, I'm sure you'll have ups and downs re:homesickness. I know I did when I was first away, but I also had such a great adventure that quickly overshadowed being homesick.
Have y'all found a church? Are you looking for a teaching job for fall?