Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, the inspection of the house I live in (I'm not calling it mine anymore) is Tuesday. There are severe storms in the area moving this way. The news is showing power flashes on the ground because the high winds and possible tornadic activity, and there is also hail that has been reported as baseball size. It's near TMS (the Speedway, for those of you familiar with this area and the proximity of that to MY house--@ 30 min west). There is a wall cloud spotted.

I love storms! When we were kids, Lula, her sisters and I used to love watching for them, though I bet we thought we saw more wall clouds than we actually did see. However, I have a freaking inspection coming up. Couldn't mother nature wait a couple of weeks? Ironically, weeks before I purchased this house in 6/2000, there was a hail storm. This house did get a new roof right after I moved in. It doesn't need another; I hope it still doesn't tomorrow!

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Joe said...

Eek! They are showing some of the damage this morning in Texas. I hope you and your house made it through ok! Let us know!