Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things are getting crazy

So, if all goes well w/ the inspection, I'll be closing on my house May 10. That is in 2 weeks! From today! Have I packed yet? Hell no! Well, I have somewhat, but am nowhere near done. A bit of totally meaningless but interesting never-the-less information: When I purchased my home 6 years ago, the ratio of sale price to list price was:
97.3077. If this sale closes, the ratio of sale price to list price will be:

I'm a math nerd, so I found that interesting. I don't know many people who would actually calculate that figure!

I have 2 weekends left. Guess what I'm doing for one of those? I am going to Oklahoma to look at houses. Nuts? Probably. In the meantime, I'm doing all that I can via phone regarding prequalification, talking to a real estate agent, etc. Probably the only thing I miss about my old job (besides the obvious--the paycheck) is the freedom to take care of personal business during the day. Most places aren't open before my workday starts (I get there around 7:45) and are closed when I leave (after 5). Granted, I do have time from 4-5 but I tend to get side tracked quite often. My planning period rushes by. My lunch is crazy busy too. OH well, I'll manage just like other teachers everywhere!

Today I did have a student having a meltdown so I was on my lunch, sitting in a room w/ her, talking to my real estate agent, and trying to keep her from throwing more things. We had a desk, table, chair on their side, and stuff she threw was everywhere! Just when I'd think she was getting back on track, she'd start throwing things again. Thankfully, my boobs didn't get grabbed, nor did my hair get pulled or face/arms scratched. So, it wasn't a bad day!

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Jeff in MD said...

Oh, the fun of it all! This is our *last* move. I keep telling everyone that, and they laugh. Could be because we've relocated 6 times in the past 10 years....

That's an interesting ratio similarity after 6 years. I'm not a math nerd, but I play one on TV...oh, wait...maybe I am.

Hope the inpection goes well! And have fun house-hunting! I hope you don't run into anything remotely close to the one I posted :p