Saturday, April 22, 2006

Special People

There is a student at my school who everyone knows. She is the most pleasant soul. Her name suits her very well, though I'm sorry I can't share that with you. She is in 8th grade and is 15 years old. I don't know her full story, but I do know the after-effects. She has cerebral palsy and has a MR label. She walks with a funny gait. She is happy. She is precious. She loves everyone and knows more students in my school of nearly 1000 than probably anyone else. She trusts everyone and fears noone. She cries when she thinks she upsets somoene. She cries when someone upsets her. She tells you she likes you. She wants to make sure you like her. She lets you know when she has a new pair of shoes, a new hair style, when she got her braces off. She notices if you seem upset and asks if you are OK. She loves heartlessly. She sees the good in all and doesn't always understand the bad.

Isn't a shame that everyone can't love so selflessly, see just the good in others, and accept all people for what they are?


sailu said...

Absolutely agree with you.."Isn't it a shame that everyone can't love so selflessly....."

God bless her!Thank you for letting us know about a selfless soul..:).It brings tears,joy and happiness ...

Jeff in MD said...

That would, indeed be a wonderful thing :)