Thursday, August 04, 2005


I discovered a gem of a restaurant today. Jorg's Cafe Vienna. My teacher in-service was held at the Courtyard Theatre in old downtown Plano. We walked downtown for lunch and landed in this delightful little place. We were early-thankfully, as it got fairly crowded quickly. Our waiter was a friendly Plano East HS grad. He brought us a sample of their cucumber salad (similar to one I've eaten at my Supper Club) to satisfy our curiousity. He was very knowledgable of the menu and offered many suggestions. I had the Gitti’s Lacknergasse Schnitzel-->Gitti’s Cuisine, sautéed Pork or Chicken Cutlet served with a Cream Sauce infused with a hint of Curry, with Austrian Spätzle and Red Cabbage. The spatzle was the best I've had (not that I've tried alot, but this was tops). Now, with the curry flavor, I have no idea if this is authentic or not. It was wonderful and something I'd get again. My 3 dining partners all had something different, and we all left pleased--and dreaded sitting through another 3 hours of lectures! I will go back here--maybe some night after school where I can have some good beer!
For any Dallas area diners, this place is a Guidelive Guide Pick.

On other news, this has just been the longest week! I went back to work Monday (teacher in-service) and have been up until 3, 2, 1, & 3 the last 4 nights getting homework done. I get up at 6. I did take a nice (ha!) nap in my car this afternoon before my 4:00 class. Even with the AC on full, the 100 degree temperature made it a bit uncomfortable. One more class to more paper to go...and I'll have my M. Ed. in Special Education! Woohoo! And I fully intend to have this paper done sooner than 12 hours before that last class! Sheesh. I've become a slacker lately.
Tomorrow is a teacher work day so I can finally get my classroom set up. Saturday morning is a CPR certification and AED training--part of my cheerleading sponsor duties, and then I'll have a few more hours of classroom set up. Monday I have kids! It's amazing-it seems like we just sent them out the door, all eager for summer.

I'm a mentor to a new teacher this year, which is kind of humorous given that it's only my 2nd year to teach and I still feel pretty new myself! At least I have a lot of fresh stuff in my memory that I wish someone would have told me. I intend to type her up a checklist tonight. In fact, I need to end this and get busy on it. Until next time...


linda said...

Sounds like you are really busy right now, Jennifer. I linked the recipe you asked for in the post for the day!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Linda!