Saturday, August 20, 2005

Here's Tilly!

In the first picture, you can see Harley checking her out. His head is bigger than her whole self!
The 2nd is her vegging out at school.
The third is her under her security blanket. She likes to maneuver herself to be completely in it sometimes.
The last one is when I let her out earlier today. My chairs kept getting in the way of me catching her! Harley dog and I were actually sitting in the floor quietly while she checked out the surroundings. Peanut dog was outside.


Joe said...

Too fun! That bunny is so cute!

mary said...

What a great rabbit. A friend in college had a rabbit. The friends boyfriend brought her a baby racoon that he rescued. Well the rabbit became the mommy and it was hilarious to see the racoon ride around on the rabbits back. As a word of experience, watch to see what the rabbit eats that she shouldn't. I babysat the friends rabbit in my dorm once and it ate holes in the bedspread. I also had one for my kids many years ago and we would let it run in the family room until we found he loved to nibble on wood, ie chair legs and electric cords!!! I was afraid he would electricute himself.

Erin said...

How adorable she is!