Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend Dog Blog #3

This is the 3rd week that Sweetnicks has hosted Weekend Dog Blog. I am on vacation in Colorado so am borrowing my friends' dogs Bria and Jacey. They are cute and much harder to keep still than my own dogs! Introducing Bria and Jacey! Jacey is in the front--she's the younger of the two and easier to photograph.

I left the heat of Dallas, with sweatshirts, jeans, and boots in tow. What did I wear today? Running shorts and a t-shirt! We did a 4 mile hike that was brutal only because the sky was clear and the sun was beating down on us. We were in the foothills so there wasn't as many trees as yesterday to shade us. The initial climb was very steep. It was a good workout and allowed us some nice views. We didn't see any wildlife this time, other than a bluejay.

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Jeff said...

Hello guest-puppies!! Very pretty :)