Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sunlit forest path

Is this a real injury?

Bruised by the underwire. Yes, it happened to me. I guess it's shouldn't be too unusual or surprising--I mean, those wires can be painful in other ways! So, yesterday one of my student's slapped another student. I sat her down in the rocking chair, bent down and proceeded to sternly chastise her, while holding onto her hands. This student likes to tuck her leg up under her when she sits. She went to do this, and I guess my chest was in the way as on the way up under herself, her foot planted into my chest and back I flew onto my tailend. She just happened to do this near the middle of my chest, and the bottom part of the underwires slightly bruised me! It wasn't with much force...I don't think her intent was in line with the result. Moral of the story: Don't put yourself in an uncompromising position when dealing with these kids! This will be useful come next week when our new student arrives. I hear he's a quick one!


Erika said...

Yes indeed, it is a real injury! I have also experienced similar bruising. Although mine was from my DD during a tickle fest.

doggerham said...

i want to hear you explin this to your workers' comp claims rep!