Sunday, October 09, 2005

WDB #4

Once again, it's time for weekend dog blogging, hosted by Sweetnicks.

I'm back from vacation and my doggies were glad to see me. Harley is acting a bit hurt by the fact I was gone (or maybe he missed the neighbor boy who took care of them?)

Peanut looks like she has grown in my absence!

And since they are so darn cute and lovable, here's another shot of Bria and Jacey from Colorado, taken this afternoon shortly before I left. These are two of the sweetest dogs--so cute and loving! They loved to burst into my bedroom every morning to greet me with never ending energy.

Thanks for visiting!


Jeff said...

All adorable puppies! Thanks for sharing :)

Robyn1007 said...

Hi Jennifer,

I hope everything is okay. I know you've got a lot going on with your dad and the new student but please take care of yourself.

Harley does have a very similar face to the one we saw at Breadworks!