Sunday, October 02, 2005

Natural Beauty

This picture shows the results of a lightning strike fire in 1978. Almost 30 years, and it is still recovering. The aspens are all turning yellow and are just beautiful!

Blue skies above us--yesterday was a beautiful day!

We saw 4 mule deer! This one was brave and hung back a little to watch us watch him! We met back up with them further down the trail. For a short while, they were walking parallel to us on their own trail. It was cool--they were really close.

A burst of color among some dead trees

More burst of color--the aspens were almost glowing in the otherwise dark forest.

A close-up of a small waterfall.


Punky said...

Great pics. I especially love the waterfall. I may need to take a trip to CO sometimes soon (before all of this is lost under a blanket of snow). Hope your trip is going great.

Robyn1007 said...

Hi Jennifer! I was up in that area yesterday too, it was absolutely stunning and makes me thankful that I live here. If you happened to be driving on Highway 7 and saw a group of idiots hanging out on the side of the road trying to get drivers to honk that was us! (One of our Jeeps suffered a broken engine mount up in the off road camping area and we need a tow truck). Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip here.


Jennifer said...

Robyn, we were on HW 7 yesterday, but didn't see you! We went to the Wild Basin Trailhead about 11 mi S. of Estes Park. It was a great hike. We're about to go to Horsetooth Falls and/or Devil's Backbone. More pictures to come!
I can't believe how HOT it is! I thought I was leaving the heat behind!

Joe said...

Looks like you had a great time. We love to hike (if it ever cools down - 110 with the sun beating on you is no fun!)

Love the pictures - I've only been to a couple waterfalls and they are just so breathtaking.