Thursday, September 08, 2005

Still Counting...

We are up to over $7,500! I am beyond amazed at our students. I have heard stories of one girl donating 5 weeks allowance, 2 6th graiders raising $170 over the weekend, and more.
I should add (in case I haven't before) that my school is 6th-8th grade. We have about 950 students, so it's not a small school by any means, but that is still alot of $$$.

We were orginally hoping they would give more than they did last year for the tsunami relief. That sum was less than $1,000, so they have gone well above and beyond.
I'm proud! :)

On another note, I'm also exhausted. Too many late nights trying to play catch-up. Last night was also our first football game--I'm a cheer sponsor, so after a day spent in training (easy), I went to 1 1/2 football games, and then to my classroom until almost 10.
This morning I got a new student in one of my classes. He makes 9 students. I'm am beyond overwhelmed w/ this class (actually it's 2 instructional periods)--7 boys, 2 girls, with academic levels from 2nd-6th grade, one is ESL, one is austistic, one has asberger's, some are AD/HD, one has behavior issues, most are LD. Anyone have any words of wisdom???? My team leader keeps telling me I'll figure things out. I wish I was as confident as she in my abilities!

Have a nice weekend...I'll be back on Sunday with tales of a bachelorette party in Oklahoma City(not mine)!

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