Thursday, September 29, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Next week is our Fall Break. A benefit of starting school so early (8/1 for teachers) is that we get a full week off for Fall Break. This comes at a much needed time--I can't wait!

I am leaving work ASAP and heading for the airport to board a plane for Denver. Two dear friends live in Loveland and I will be spending most of my time in CO with them. Midweek, I am going to Denver to visit relatives--I'll stay with my uncle and get to meet my baby 2nd cousin. I'll also have a day to visit other relatives that I haven't seen in several years--including my cousin's 2 children, one of which I've never seen.

Saturday, we are hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I hope I can handle it--I'm taking my camera and will share pics throughout the week, because of course I am taking my laptop!

On another front, I am getting the new student I mentioned. I had an opportunity to observe him again today. I'm anxious, excited, apprehensive, yet am ready for this new challenge!

I haven't yet figured out a clear cut direction to take this blog. I'd love to do more of a food blog, but I don't think my nutella or pb&j sandwiches that I eat for dinner would hold much attention. I'll throw the food stuff in when I can, but I don't have time or motivation to cook after working late. THere are various classroom antics, but I'm not comfortable sharing those for confidentiality reasons. So, I'll probably keep on with the random stuff until I get bored with it.
Thanks for reading!


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Punky said...

Have a great vacation, and you've been tagged for the 23/5 meme.
Link to meme here

SonSon said...

Have a great time! The hike sounds exciting. I bet it will be beautiful.

Jeff said...

Have a great time in Colorado! Can't wait for the pics :)

Lula said...

Have fun!!! Take lots of pictures!

Alicat said...

Random is just fine girly! :) Don't worry too much about it. We like coming regardless. (Heh, dirty)