Monday, September 26, 2005

Nothing much

I guess my blogging has declined lately as I just don't have a lot to say!

A few points--the last couple of times I have talked to my dad, he sounded more like himself. He's not taking many pain pills (he doesn't want to get addicted--can't blame him) and other than serious cabin fever, is healing emotionally and physically. I think I've decided to give him my blessing when he is physically able to get on a bike again. I know how much joy it brings him, and like he told me--it's his therapy. Getting out and riding has provided him an outlet when those feeling of missing Dakota hits him. I'm sure it will also help him get over the loss of his dear friends. When it gets down to it, I'd rather lose him doing something he loves and is passionate about--when he's happy, than as a grumpy old man who isn't able to ride anymore.

I am probably getting a new student in a couple of weeks, which means I'll have to work a bit extra to prep and get things in order before he comes as well as during the transitional period. Ha--I work nearly 60 hours/wk now, so what's a few more? :) He is autistic and is mentally retarded--he will be quite a handful! We will hire a new teacher's aide to help with him, as he needs someone with him 1-1. I'm looking forward to the challenge and only hope I am up to it! His mom came and observed me today and we had some time to talk--I was told she loves me. :) It's not a done deal yet, but very probable. What makes me sad is that there has been a lot of discourse over where this child goes--his current placement isn't working out, and 3 or 4 other schools have been approached about him. Noone wants him! When my team leader and I observed him last week, she asked me what I thought. I said I'd take him. How could I say anything otherwise? This is what I signed up for when I decided to become a sped teacher. As he will be transitioning from an elementary school to a middle school, it is likely that he will be on our campus for at least 4 years. I hope it works out!

That's all for now--my bed is calling.


Punky said...

I think it is such a blessing to have teachers like you. It takes such a gift to work in sped (I have a few friends who do it too). This boy is so lucky to be getting you as a teacher. Good luck. Glad to hear your dad is improving.

Joe said...

Glad to hear that things are starting to look better for your family!

I agree with punky - I don't know what the world would do without the wonderful teachers like you who do what you do!

SonSon said...

Ditto with the other comments. Many things take special people to do them. Obviously this is your calling and you excell at it, if nothing other than because of your caring heart.

My husband has a motorcycle and I share your fears.