Friday, September 23, 2005

He can set off metal detectors now!

My dad had his surgery Wednesday morning at 6:30 and was home by 11:30! That just amazes me!
They were able to put his ankle and leg back together, but it took 11 screws. I think all are permanent except for one that will come out in 6 weeks. They fixed one toe but will have to do surgery again to fix the other 3 because they were still so swollen.

I talked to Dad last night and he sounded well, considering. It's times like that this that makes me feel like the 3 hour distance between here and home is too far. :(

More to come this weekend...


Punky said...

I'm glad his surgery went well (isn't it amazing how fast those things can be done now?). I hope he heals quickly. Maybe some brownies would help speed things along :).

Jennifer said...

Thanks for checking up on us Punky!