Monday, July 25, 2005

Deep Thoughts and Other Comments

One of our camp features was "Deep Thoughts", written by a fellow counselor. The only one I can remember is: "A can't remember anything that happened yesterday. I do know what I ate. Corn."

I was getting near the last of my laundry out a bit ago. This load was mostly bandanas and scarves and such. I noticed a dried leaf among them sitting on top of the washer. Imagine my surprise when I reached for it only to find it was actually part of a dead baby lizard (gecko)! Ewwwwww. Poor thing.

Other camp highlights:
Getting dumped from my cozy kayak into the lake while playing the duct tape game. Twice. Five minutes apart. Yuummmmm, lake water! The lifeguard wasn't very happy with me and my enthusiastic camper.

Being part of the basketball team (Camp Esperanza Staff) that beat the Camp John Marc staff for something like the 15th time out of the last 16 years. CJM staff is made up of young college students. Camp E. staff is made up of mostly people a bit older, many dads, working people. I may be out-of-shape, but I can still play w/ the big guys. Defense, that is. I don't get much chance to shoot which is probably for the best.

After the lunch where the middle boy cabin "eats like pirates" (i.e. no hands, no utensils) I took a picture of one of the little girls who had to jump in. Her face was covered with lasagna sauce. Then one of her little friends walked by with a clean face. I asked her why she didn't eat like a pirate. "Because, it's not lady-like" was her answer. Too cute!

Campers get to choose a project that they do every day of the week. This can be something artsy like pottery or painting, or something outdoorsy like rappelling, outdoor experience, or horses. Counselors also get to choose and some of us are lucky enough to get a project that we like. For the 3rd year, I choose swim lessons. My little girl turned out to be quite a fish. It was quite amazing seeing her go from dog paddling on day one to free-styling on day four. Yes, this little 8-year-old learned how to freestyle in just four days! She was awesome, as was the whole class. The Camp Director, Vance, teaches the class with counselors as one-on-one helpers. Vance is nothing short of amazing. Some call him the Kid Whisperer, as he knows what to say to get the kids to react. He's also a huge OU fan, so he gets extra points from me for that.

The many hugs I received from new campers, returning campers, and counselors.

Hearing one of my campers volunteer to sing the National Anthem for our cabin. Three years with her and who knew she could sing? She is shy so we were all impressed with her volunteering and doing it.

Hearing another counselor belt out Amazing Grace for our cabin and a boy's cabin during a hug raid. She was amazing.

Kissing a fish for the first time. (Yes, I really did.) Unfortunately, the camper I was trying to get to do the same thing just looked at me like I was crazy and still didn't kiss the fish.

Seeing the compassion some of the healthy campers exhibit to those who are struggling. These kids never cease to amaze me.

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