Sunday, July 31, 2005

50 Things Every Foodie Should Try

I came across this while browsing through some food blogs (when I should be working on a final--darn that attention span of mine.) Thanks to Owen at Tomatilla for compiling the list. The top 16 come from Nigel Slater of the Observer (UK Daily). The others come from various food bloggers.

I was surprised to see that there are several I have done. As much as I like to think I'm a foodie, I'm more of a wanna-be. I don't have the time, motivation, or budget to really become a die-hard foodie.
There are some I have no desire to do. And others I may try for in the next year.

Of the first 25 listed, I have done 10 of them (11 if I substitute cooking for the families at Ronald McDonald house for working in a soup kitchen). Some I never want to do--shuck a fresh oyster? No thanks. However, I do someday want to make fresh pasta. And it would be wonderful to eat the first asparagus-I love asparagus and I'm sure the freshest I've had came on a truck from some distant land. And I don't really care to dismember a chicken. No thanks, that's just not my thing!

Moving on to the next 25, I've only done 8. I have some work to do! Some that I have no desire to try from that group: roast a suckling pig--this would probably turn me off of eating it! Now it it were at a luau in Hawaii, maybe..., learning to make the 5 'mother' sauces also isn't appealing because I don't like most of them. I also don't want to breed my own animal to eat. I get too attached.

Those I would like to try include making my own sausage, drying my own (something), building my own backyard wood oven-if I ever get to live somewhere with a backyard bigger than a postage stamp, and making vinegar. Sharing the ripe mango sounds interesting, but currently isn't an option. Maybe in the future.

Go check out the top 50 and see what you have done, and maybe find some inspiration to try something new. Good luck!

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Lula said...

I have done 24 out of 50. Most of them I did while growing up. Had roast pig last year at Lance's. Yum! Roasted wild pig. Aunt Gaye taught me how to dry herbs and flowers. The list goes one...really cool...