Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, I do Still Cook

Friday night, I ventured with Anna and another friend to Banh Cuon Tay Ho (Little Saigon Shopping Center, 2524 North Military Avenue, after eating a delicious meal at the Korean House (review coming soon).

Oh. My. Goodness. This place was phenomenal. Granted, there was a lot of stuff that I had no idea what it was, much less how to use it. However, I did pick up some goodies.
Tapioca balls, green onion rolls, some yummy recommended by Anna spice blend, limes (5 for $1), cilantro (.59 each)

Enoki mushrooms (.59 for the pack), garlic greens, ginger, daikon radish, japanese pumpkin

Baby bok choy, pickled mango, Korean pickles

Soup spoons, pocky (love this stuff), rice candy, and coffee candy (from Singapore, oddly enough).

And then there was this guy

which is about how we felt at discovering this awesome place. I love how happy he looks! Heehee.

Back to my blog title--yes, I do still cook. Tonight I used some of my ingredients to make a well rounded meal.
I stir-fried the baby bok choy with a lot of ginger and a touch of sesame oil. This was delish! I shredded the daikon with some carrots, tossed with some rice wine vinegar, sugar, salt, and another dash of sesame oil. I steamed some sushi rice. Finally, I breaded some chicken cutlets in panko and lightly pan fried them. All of this was topped with some toasted black and white sesame seeds and a soy dipping sauce that I whipped up. Not bad, and I have leftovers.
Here is what it all looked like, and I should add that this was way too much food for me!

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Avie said...

I am already planning my next trip to this awesome place!!!

Your meal looks AMAZING!!!! Great Job!!!!

I am going to try to make japchae tonight! Wish me lots o luck!