Friday, February 20, 2009

Casa Soto

My first road trip with my new job was to Weatherford. Actually, it was to Burns Flat, but that town is too small for a hotel so we stayed about 35 miles away in Weatherford. I texted a friend from there on our way and she gave me some restaurant suggestions. We decided on Casa Soto for Mexican food.
My coworker and I both went for the tacos. I can't remember what they were called exactly, but they were described as having grilled steak, served with cilantro, tomatoes, and onions, plus the requisite beans and rice. And of course, I had a margarita.
The food was good, not great, but good. The cilantro was missing, though my friend said you couldn't buy it in Weatherford. :) The meat was good--tender, good flavor, but a little dry.
Next time I'm in the area, this is a place I'd eat at again. Service was good, prices were fairly cheap.

This was a few weeks ago, so I've forgotten details. As I get caught up and more into "real" time, I'll have more details and pictures!

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Avie said...

Did you stay in the Holiday Inn Express?? That is where I always stay when I have to go to Weatherford! ^^

Jennifer said...

Yes! That's where we stayed. I was with Monica.