Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the Road Again

OK, I'm going to make these next reviews brief so can get to the good stuff.

My next work trip was to Stigler. I'd never been to Stigler, though I know people from my childhood who live there. We decided on a local cafe like place called the Eaton Hole--named after the owners. Rustic on the inside, we sat next to a stuffed bobcat. I took a glance at the salad bar and was not impressed. Mounds of iceberg lettuce just turn me off. What a waste. I went with the simple Patty Melt at 4.99 with onion rings. The patty melt was fine-meet was cooked appropriately and wasn't too dry. The onion rings were made from thin slices of onions--more like onion spears than onion rings. They were crispy and not too greasy. They were served with a dipping sauce that turned out to simply be ranch dressing topped with Zattaran's Cajun seasoning. They also had complimentary hush puppies. They were good but a little too greasy.

Next up was just the other day in Atoka. I had a couple of friends tell me that the only decent place in town to eat was a Mexican place called Cazadores, and this was backed up by the hotel staff. Lucky for us, it was across the street from the hotel. We risked being splattered ala Frogger and walked across the highway full of semis. It was standard Mexican. The service was good, though the brightly painted wooded seat backs were uncomfortable. I had a chimichanga with fajita beef. It was small--which is good as I hate it when they are huge and then I eat it all and feel miserable. :) I barely ate my rice and beans, but they were typical. The pico had cilantro in it, so that made my happy. Everyone else was pleased with their meals as well. I'm sure in the event I have to go back to Atoka, this is the place I will eat dinner.

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