Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Year Ago

Today is the anniversary of my parents' motorcycle accident. A year...Dad is still in a walking shoe, but shouldn't have to have any more surgeries. He hasn't worked since the week before the accident.

Cynthia and Clayton have had 1 new grandchild and have another on the way since they passed on. The 'gang' all went out to the cemetary this afternoon. I'm sure they toasted to Clayton and Cynthia!

Harley dog has been at the hospital since Monday. I'm hoping he gets to come home tomorrow. Friday, it looked like some tough decisions may be in the future if he didn't hurry up and respond already to his meds. Peanut and I visited him yesterday. While initially, the tech couldn't get him to budge to come to the room where Peanut and I were waiting, once he saw me he stood up and almost darted to the outside door! I got him in a room with me for a short while and just loved on him. He was quite tuckered out, so we grudgingly left. The tech was very happy to see Harley get so motivated over something! The report on the med front was good too, so hopefully he was starting to respond.

Harley is a dog who defies all logic. Really. Most of his health issues have been the sort that stump the vet. Right now, they are treating him for colitis, but pancreatitis or possibly something else as of yet unknown could be the culprit. Medically speaking, Harley is an anomaly. He always has the weirdest things happen to him.

Here he is Monday morning after spending a night in the ER. Notice he still has the port for an IV. Is that just pathetic or what?

Check out Sweetnicks for some cute and healthy (hopefully) pooches for this weekend's edition of Weekend Dog Blog.


Jeff in MD said...

THat Harley - such an attention-hound! :p We hope he's back to normal (ok, Harley-normal) by the end of the week.

Ellie said...

I saw this picture of Harley over at Sweetnicks and I had to come by and say hallo - Mr. Woofy and I will keep our paws and fingers crossed for his speedy recovery and future good health :)