Tuesday, September 26, 2006

God must be laughing at me OR My perception was FAR from reality

So, when I accepted the offer of my current position back in March, I had concerns. I knew that the children with autism were primarily going to be placed at different campuses from mine and that I would get the overflow. My class is a Developmentally Delayed preschool class. Most of the kids are speech delayed. I thought my class would be made up of kids who were slow to talk, maybe a syndrome or two (Downs, Williams, Fragile X). I was worried that I would miss the challenge of working with the kids like I had previously. Get that? In other words, I was worried that my new job wouldn't present the challenges that I wanted. Oh my, how WRONG I was! My morning class is a potpourri of students and personalities. None fit into any kind of mold anywhere near another student in that class (not that I expect them to be alike). Each is 180 degrees different from the next. While I thought I would miss the challenge of working with students with autism, I didn't realize the challenges I would face with students with such different needs. I don't really know what I was thinking earlier this year--maybe I just wasn't thinking!
What brings all this up now? I was reading a report on a potential new student and just had to start laughing. Of course we'll get him-he fits right in to my morning class, which is to say he doesn't fit in at all! Bring 'em on! I'm ready for the challenge. :)

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Jeff in MD said...

Well I don't think you will have to worry about being bored! :)

Great attitude, the kids (and parents!) are so lucky to have you!