Sunday, September 24, 2006


I lived in Stillwater, OK for 2 years during my first round of graduate school ('96-98). It wasn't a pleasant time. School was tough--studying was my life, and I never grew to like the small town. Maybe it was because the school was OK State University, and having grown up a fan of the University of Oklahoma, it was tough to really get acclimated. Plus, I look awful in orange. Anyhow, one of my good memories from that time is Hideaway Pizza. It was across from the campus and their pizza was delish. My favorite was a Pizza of the Gods--olive oil & garlic sauce, topped with artichokes, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Of course, back then I didn't eat mushrooms, so I always subbed black olives. All this was covered in a provolone/mozzarella blend. I've dreamt about that pizza from time to time. Well, Friday I was driving around near the University of Oklahoma and what do I see? A Hideaway Pizza! So, though I was a little bit afraid of tarnishing that memory I have of that oh-so-good pizza, I could resist the urge to see if this Hideaway stood up to the original. I got my pizza to do (with the mushrooms this time) and brought it home. I stuck it in the oven to keep warm while I tended to some other things, and soon caught the smell--the garlic! Wonderful!
So, I'm happy to report that the Pizza of the Gods did live up to my memories. It was heavenly. I'll have to take some out of town friends there when they are here next month.

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