Thursday, August 31, 2006

The things they do and say...

This elementary school experience is something else. I crack up hearing what the little ones say as they get off the bus. I crack myself up when I put on my mean face and stern voice while on lunch duty for kindergarten lunch. I'm laughing inside at the student's reactions. I think I overheard a girl call me a 'meanie teacher' today. I would have reprimanded her but my hearing isn't great and there is a chance that's not what she said. Wouldn't surprise me though as she's a handful.
We had a fist fight on the playground yesterday during kindergarten recess. A girl beat up on a boy. A cute, curly headed little girl. I don't think that happened while I was in school! Thankfully, it wasn't my duty!
It cracks me up how often the kindergartners will come up to you to tell you they fell, they scratched their arm, they have wood chips in their shoes. My standard reply is, "Is there blood? No, then go play."

As for my students--they are still a ball. I saw some glimpses of progress with one student today. It's such a good feeling to see one 'getting it.' We're still getting them used to their schedules, routines, and such. There's also some 'crud' going around, though so far it's not the students. One TA and the SLP have both had some sort of virus, as have their children. Another TA has a brown recluse bite and we wonder if it happened in our classroom! Today, our students had a lot of sniffles and sneezes (and tears). Thank goodness we have a 3 day weekend!

OK, enough senseless rambling for now....just want to add that I LOVE my new job! :)

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Robyn1007 said...

I'm so glad you LOVE your new job! The kids sound great. Your blood question reminds me of when my ski racers fall. I had one little boy take quite a spill after attempting a large jump (following the 9-10 year olds when he's only 6!). I ski up, he's in tears. I pick him up, tell him to take a couple of steps, he does, I ask if it hurts. Answer was no so I told him to put his skis on and let's go catch everyone else. He was a bit shocked but off we went without looking back.