Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm home!

Well, I've actually been back to my new home since Monday night. You'd think with all that time, I'd be settled in and ready to throw a dinner party, rightr? Wrong.
I can't find the bolts to put the legs on my table. Those (dad and cousin) who took it apart back in May swear they put it someplace we'd remember. I realized I had curriculum training Wednesday and Friday. I had to go to my hometown Tuesday evening. And the clincher? I've spent most of the last 2 days in bed on antibiotics, decongestant, and painkillers because I have the sinus infection from hell. My head hurts like it's never hurt before. Walking? Ouch. Sitting? Ouch. Even lying in bed hurts; thank goodness for prescription narcotics! I'm just up right now to get some water and finally change out of the clothes I wore to training this morning--I lasted an hour before I couldn't take anymore.
My yard needs to be mowed (any takers?), my house is a disaster area, and my classroom is pure chaos. I guess it'll all have to wait another day or two.
Oh, this has also stalled me from getting my dogs and bringing them home. They will need several baths each and I haven't been up for that. Bending over to scrub them? I'd pass out.
So, this too shall pass...once it does, I'll try and share some camp stories or reflections.


Jeff in MD said...

Ack!! If we lived closer, we'd be over to mow the lawn for you and take care of all that other stuff so you an just worry about getting better :)

Isn't unpacking and trying to find everything fun?!?

Robyn1007 said...

Ah, Jennifer, you sound like me, frustrated that you can't get your new place together! I hope you feel better soon.


Jennifer said...

Jeff--unpacking bites! I'm creating a big box of things I really don't need, because it's stuff I forgot I had!
Robyn-How's your mom doing? When do you get to go back to CO?