Monday, August 14, 2006

A Big Pet Peeve

In the age of electronic everything, why can't people spell??? I am a special education teacher, and as such, I fill out a tremendous amount of legal paperwork. This paperwork becomes a part of the student's history and follows them throughout their school career. It also is sent to the parents. Anyhow, it just pains me to see spelling errors throughout this paperwork. I know typos do happen (and since we are always in a hurry, even more so). Spell check doesn't catch everything. Still, I've seen the same word spelled multiple ways within the same document. Last night as I was reviewing files, there was one page that had the student's name spelled about 4 different ways! I just cringe when I see this, as I can only imagine how the parent must feel. If it makes me feel the way it does, I'm sure parents are thinking, "And I send my child to this teacher to be educated??"
I'm sure that if I had the same amount of misspelled words on a presentation or report to be handed off when I was working in corporate America, my hide would have been out to hang! I don't think that would have been tolerated.
So people--use spell check! It's not that hard.


wheresmymind said...

cool should post some pix and allow comments on your coolio cooking blog!! Your recipe's look fab!

RangerGrrl said...

Trust me- it isn't just your co-workers who can't spell. You should see some of the stuff that comes across my desk.